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Set of Four (4) OEM X-Rap® Magnum® Type Trolling Lures - 4 Colors 5 Sizes

Set of Four (4) OEM X-Rap® Magnum® Type Trolling Lures - 4 Colors 5 Sizes


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Set of Four (4) Different Colors OEM X-Rap® Magnum® Type Deep DiverTrolling Lures in 5 Sizes

The Lures being offered in this listing have been manufactured by an independent factory to comply with FishInComfort O.E.M. specifications.

This listing is for a set of 4 lures, all 4 being of the same size, 1 each of the 4 colors shown below.   Hooks and rings are NOT included. 

The XRMAG Trolling Lures come in 5 sizes and are capable of trolling at 5 different depths. 

  The 4 Colors are:

Green Mackerel   Blue Sardine   Silver / Black   Purple Mackerel

The 5 sizes with trolling depths are:

XRMAG10  (4.375" / 22gr)  -  10 Feet Deep

XRMAG15 (4.75 / 32gr")  -  15 Feet Deep

XRMAG20 (5.5" / 46gr)  -  20 Feet Deep

XRMAG30 (6.25" / 72gr)  -  30 Feet Deep

XRMAG50 (8" / 110gr)  -  50 Feet Deep

NOTE:  There is NO assurance the lures will troll properly at the depths shown above, as there are many variables to take into account.  You may contact me for Rigging tips.

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