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JUMBO T-Bar Knob (SILVER) for Penn Int'l 30S 30SW 30T 30TW Reels

JUMBO T-Bar Knob (SILVER) for Penn Int'l 30S 30SW 30T 30TW Reels


New Light Weight 9 degree Articulated Aluminum JUMBO T-Bar KNOB (SILVER) For PENN Int'l 30S, 30SW, 30T, 30TW, 50S, 50SW, 50T, 50TW Reels.  NOTE: Handle Blank shown is NOT Included.


You are bidding for ONE (1) new Aluminum JUMBO T-Bar Knob, pictured on the right. For comparison purposes, the knob shown on the left is from a PENN 50VW reel.  Which knob would you prefer to have in your hand?

 The knob incorporates an 18 degree offset to provide increased torque.  The knob and handle blank are constructed from 6061 Aluminum and incorporates a ball bearing in the shaft.  The hollow aluminum knob is extremely light weight and incredibly comfortable. The knob weighs about 4oz. and is about 4.25" in length.


To attach the knob to the  original Penn handle blank:  


With a Phillips screw driver, remove the original Penn knob from the handle blank.  The knob shaft is detached from the knob by removing the small allen screw from inside the knob.  Then separate the knob from the shaft.  Remove the small plug from the top of the shaft.  This will expose a slot in the pin for the second screw driver.  Attach the shaft to the original Penn handle blank using 2 screw drivers. The thin washer MUST be placed next to the shaft and the handle blank and NOT next to the Phillips head screw. You should use blue Loctite 242 when attaching the knob shaft to the handle blank to secure the screw. Then reverse the procedure to reassemble.

Mounting Screws May Be LEFT HANDED!

If Needed, Installation Notes Available Upon Request

Sales Tax: CA Residents Pay Sales Tax.

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