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Handle (3.75") w/ 45mm Knob PENN 113H 4/0 Int'l 20 20T 30 30T 50 50T 50TW Reels

Handle (3.75") w/ 45mm Knob PENN 113H 4/0 Int'l 20 20T 30 30T 50 50T 50TW Reels


Here is a list of the reels which are compatible with these Power Handles.

Special Senator 4/0 113H, 113HL, 113HLW, 113HSP
320GT, 320GT2, 321GT, 330GT, 970, 980, 990,
220GTO, 230GTO, 25GLS, 225LD, 320LD
340GT, 345GT, 40GLS, 45GLS, 245LD, 246LD
Single Speed Int'l 12T with CAL Sheets 2 Speed Conversion
Int'l 20, 20T, 30, 30T, 30TW, 50, 50T, 50TW, 50W

Int'l 30SW, 30VW, 50S, 50SW

45mm - 1.77" Round Black Aluminum Knob - Includes 2 Ball Bearing.

Proper Installation Requires the Use of Loctite BLUE 242.

Attaching the Knob to the Handle Blank:

Note:  The bottom screw is LEFT Handed!

To attach the knob to the handle blank, you must

remove the bottom screw and small washer from the internal shaft.

  Place a small amount of Loctite Blue 242 into the opening of the internal shaft and on the threads of the bottom screw.  Let the Locite set for about an hour. 

Attach the screw together with the small washer thru the handle blank hole into the shaft. 

In the event the knob rotation is either too loose or too tight, you may adjust the tension on the knob rotation by removing the top cap and adjusting the screw in the knob cavity.


If Needed, Additional Installation Notes Are Available Upon Request
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