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36mm 1.42" Power Knob for Shimano Penn Daiwa Avet Newell Okuma ABU Reels - Reel Power Handles

36mm 1.42" Power Knob for Shimano Penn Daiwa Avet Newell Okuma ABU Reels



New Light Weight 36mm - 1.42" ALUMINUM Round Power Knob.  

Ideal for Small Spinning Reels and Bait Caster.

Handle Blank and Reel NOT Included. 

Attaching the Knob to Your Handle Blank

You can use the knob only when you drill out the rivet of the original knob and attached the knob with the pin screw which is included.  secure with BLUE loctite 242.
Here is some additional information.  The internal pin of the shaft is about 4mm long.   Most reel handles  have a handle thickness of about 4 to 6mm so the pin is longer enough but still will not extended past the handle.
The knob has a internal pin that passes thru the handle shaft on you reels.  There is also a screw then goes into the pin which is used to attach the knob to the shaft.  This seems to work on all spinners and conventional reels i have encountered, but there is no guarantee. 
The diameter of the pin used on the round knob is 6mm (.236").  after the rivet is removed, enlarge the hole using a size "B" drill bit (.238") or a 1/4" drill bit.  the handle blank must have enough 'meat' to support this larger hole.
INSTALLATION: remove the Philips head screw from the bottom of the knob.  Keep the large washer on the internal knob pin as the washer is positioned between the knob and the handle blank; not between the knob and the Philips head screw. 
To attach the knob to the handle blank, you must unscrew the two halves of the knob.  Place a normal screw driver into the bottom half of the knob and use the screw driver to push the internal screw past the bottom of the knob.
Place a small amount of Loctite Blue 242 (medium strength) into the opening of the internal screw.
Attach the Philips head screw thru the handle blank into the knob.   With the normal screw driver inserted into the bottom of the knob to prevent rotation, tighten the Philips head screw.
If the knob seems loosely attached to the handle blank, you should tighten the internal screw while keeping the external Philips heads from rotating with the use of the Philips head screw driver.
Mounting Screws May Be LEFT HANDED!

If Needed, Installation Notes Available Upon Request

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