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Direct Power Knob 36mm For Shimano Stella Stradic Sustain Reels with 2 Bearing

Direct Power Knob 36mm For Shimano Stella Stradic Sustain Reels with 2 Bearing


36mm Direct Replacement Knob - NO Drilling NeededIncludes 2 Ball Bearings
Fits Shimano Spinning Reel Handle Type "A"
Fits Many of the Following Models, to Name a Few! 07 Stella 1000 - 4000      Stella FJ 1000-5000      07 10 14 Stella 1000-400016 Stradic CI4 1000-4000     19 Stradic FL 1000-5000      Stradic FL 1000-5000      Stradic FK 1000-400016 STRADIC CI4+ 2000-4000        9 Stradic FL 1000-5000     15 Stradic FK 1000-4000     16 Stradic CI4+ 1000-4000   Sustain FI 2500-5000        Sustain FI 2500-5000         17 Sustain FI 2500-5000Ultegra 1000-5000        05 Ultegra 1000 - 4000        05 12 Ultegra 1000-400020 Twin power 1000-5000     Twin power XD 1000-5000     08 11 15 Twin power 1000-4000      06 09 Twin power Mg 1000-4000  
Prior to your purchase, please read the notes below to ensure successful installation.
IMPORTANT NOTE:In order to determine if the replacement knob will fit your model reel, you must first remove the knob attached to you reel. 
If the knob can not be remove simply with a screw driver, the replacement knob can NOT be installed on you reel handle.After removing the knob on your reel, you must inspect the spindle to confirm the following characteristics.
1. The tip of the spindle accepts a small screw.
2.  The base of the spindle will accept a 5mm ID diameter Ball Bearing.
3.  The spindle shaft diameter is 4mm maximum.
4.  The length of the spindle shaft is between 27.5mm and 28mm.
Please feel free to contact me if you have a reel spindle which does not conform to the 4 points shown above.  I still may be able to provide you with knob for your reel.
These Knobs are extremely comfortable & lightweight, about 1oz. Attaching the Knob to the Handle Spindle:Proper Installation Requires the Use of Loctite BLUE 242.
Prior to the installation of the knob, the original knob must be removed from the reel handle. The removal of the original knob as well as the installation of the new knob requires the simple use of only a Phillips screw driver and Loctite 242 Blue, nothing more. 
If Needed, Additional Installation Notes Are Available Upon
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