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BLACK Replacement 36mm Knob 4 SHIMANO Stella FE Sustain Stradic Spinning Reels

BLACK Replacement 36mm Knob 4 SHIMANO Stella FE Sustain Stradic Spinning Reels


You are bidding for ONE new round Aluminum BLACK Power Knob, shown on the left. 

New Light Weight 36mm Diameter Round Aluminum black Power Knob For Most High End Fresh Water Spinning Reels.

    Handle Blank is NOT Included

This hollow aluminum knob is extremely light weight and incredibly comfortable.   The knob measure 1.42" (36mm) in diameter and weighs about 1oz. A ball bearing is NOT installed in the knob.  For comparision, the knob shown on the right is the 47mm (1.85") knob, of which many thousands I have sold.

Please keep in mind that the Power Knob must be attached to your existing reel handle.  A handle blank is NOT included in this purchase.  However, if you prefer to purchase a complete Power Handle assembly, I have handle blanks for a variety of many popular bait casters and high end spinning reels.  I am offering these complete handles on eBay.

Prior to your purchase, please read the notes below to ensure successful installation.

The knob has an internal pin that will pass thru the handle blank on your reel.  There is a screw that goes into the pin which is used to attach the knob to the reel handle blank.  The exposed part of the internal pin is about 3mm long.   Most reels have a handle blank thickness of at least 4 to 5mm so the exposed pin is longer enough but still will not extended past the handle blank.

Furthermore, the diameter of the pin used on the round knob is 6mm (.236").  After the rivet is removed, enlarge the hole using a size "B" drill bit (.238").  The handle blank must have enough 'meat' to support this larger hole and have place for the base of the 11mm (.43”D) stem. 

Attaching the Knob to the Handle Blank:

To attach the new knob to your handle blank, you must unscrew the two halves of the new knob.  Next, remove the screw and washer from the internal pin at bottom of the stem of the knob.  This is best done using 2 screw drivers, one from the top, the other from the bottom.  Be sure to place a few drops of Loctite Blue 242 into the threads of the internal pin.

Place the knob with the internal pin extended  thru the handle blank.  Attach the screw with washer into the internal pin.   You will then use the 2 screw drivers, one inside the bottom half of the knob and one for the external screw at the bottom, to tighten the knob to the handle blank.  Finally, replace the top half of the knob.  You may want to place a little Loctite Blue 242 on the threads of the knob to avoid loss due to vibration.


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