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GOLD Power Knob Adapter for Shimano STELLA 8000 10000 18000 20000 Spinners

GOLD Power Knob Adapter for Shimano STELLA 8000 10000 18000 20000 Spinners


Replacement Light Weight Aluminum ROUND Power Knob Adapter Kit for Shimano STELLA 5000, 8000, 10000, 18000 & 20000 Spinning Reels. 

Handle Blank is NOT Included.

Proper Installation Requires the Use of Loctite BLUE 242. 



The Adapter Kit consists of the following components:

ROUND Power Knob (GOLD Anodized) 1.85" (47mm) Diameter

Ball Bearing / Retainer & Screw / 

Prior to the installation of the knob, the original knob must be removed from the reel handle.  The removal of the original knob as well as the installation of the new knob requires the simple use of only a Phillips screw driver and Loctite 242 Blue, nothing more.

Installation Instructions

Removal of the original knob.

Using a small phillips screw driver, remove the 2 plate screws and the plate on the knob. Using the small phillips screw driver, pry out the plastic top cap of the knob. With the top cap removed, a phillips screw will be exposed.  Removing this screw will permit the knob to be removed from the handle shank. 

Attaching the new knob.

Keep in mind, I test all knobs with my original STELLA shanks to screen my knobs and retainers for proper operation.  However, there are mechanical tolerances in both the STELLA shank as will as the new knob and retainer.  If the knob does not spin freely, the solution is a simply one.  See note below.

Place the ball bearing onto the handle shank. Position it at the bottom of the shank.  Separate the 2 halves of the new knob by unscrewing it.  Remove the paper pad exposing the retainer and screw.  Place the bottom half of the new knob onto the shank and over the bearing and tighten the screw onto the shank.

   Knob does not spin freely:  In the event that the knob does not spin freely on the bearing, there is a simply solution.  Place a few drops of Loctite 242 Blue on the screw threads and inside the head of the spindle where the screw is place.  Then tighten the screw to the point where the screw is snug and then back off the screw just enough to permit free rotation. 

Finally, attach the top half of the round knob to the handle.  You may want to put a little Loctite 242 Blue on the thread of the knob to avoid loosening due to vibration. 


NOTE: If a T-Bar knob is your thing, I have them as well in my Ebay store.

Mounting Screws May Be LEFT HANDED!

If Needed, Installation Notes Available Upon Request

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